April 2015

Rise in TV Engagement Proves That English Teachers are Doing Too Good a Job

Posted April 15, 2015

All English teachers, can I have your attention please? There’s something you need to be aware of: you’re doing your job TOO WELL. Sure, most people can’t decide which their/there/they’re to use, nobody knows how the hell to use a semi-colon, and words are being replaced by emojis without prejudice, but the analysis! Everywhere you […]


Your Life is So Hard- A Teacher Rant

Posted April 6, 2015

“Your life is so hard.” It’s always said with an accompanying eye roll, sigh, or any other variety of clear indicators of sarcasm. It’s a statement that every teacher hears at least once during the calendar year, mostly  right before, or several times during, summer vacation.  However, I’ve been hearing it a lot as spring […]