July 2015

Swipe by Swipe: Stages of Modern Relationships

Posted July 29, 2015

All relationships pass through a certain set of signposts. That’s been the case for generations. From first encounters to first dates to first kisses, there have always been signposts that helped to determine what phase a given relationship might be in. Without the constant ability to communicate with each other 24/7, those signposts were crucial in […]


A Fitness Indoctrination and Drug Time Warp

Posted July 19, 2015

On Saturday at 4:30pm, I unknowingly became part of a cult. It starts innocently enough, as I assume all cults do. I’m looking for a way to burn off some of the Vermont beer I’d been generously sampling over the last three days without putting too much stress on my old man back that had begun […]


Summer and the Feeling of Uselessness

Posted July 8, 2015

Most of the people in my life have been telling me how lucky I am to have the summers off. While it quickly becomes redundant, it’s also a statement which I mostly agree with. Having mornings to sleep in, time to organize drinks with friends, or the freedom to work on projects I’m passionate about is […]