January 2016

Identity Theft: The Oscar Nomination and Snubs as NBA Players

Posted January 17, 2016

With the Oscar nominations coming out earlier this week, the internet has, not surprisingly, been caught up in the ongoing discussion of who got snubbed, who was unfairly rewarded, and whose success is the most surprising. As I read all of the discussions, I can’t help but notice a similarity between the way many people […]


Vlogging Your Life, Whether You Like it or Not

Posted January 3, 2016

“It’s so sad. His world is fake, and he doesn’t even know it.” I inevitably hear this comment at least once during the school year after my 6th-grade class reads¬†The Giver. I like to pair the book with “The Truman Show” so that the students can really get a good sense of what it would […]