Feature Films

Dream Girl (Working Title)

LOGLINE: One night, while recovering from yet another heartbreak, SAM PATTERSON meets a girl who is everything he ever dreamed of, propelling him into an existence where the relationship in his dreams might be more real than anything he experiences when awake.

Nostalgia Weekend (Working Title)

LOGLINE: After nearly decade apart, three childhood friends are thrust into a spontaneous reunion weekend, forcing them to come to terms with the changes in their friendship, the missed opportunities in their own lives, and the realization that nostalgia might not be working in their favor.


LOGLINE: When perpetual traveler DAVID MORTON returns home in advance of his thirtieth birthday to re-integrate into society, he finds himself uncomfortable in the world he’s come back to and discovers that the stability that’s been pushed on him and his childhood friends might be nothing more than an illusion.

Super Guy

LOGLINE: When NYC high school teacher FRANK TETTLETON is forced to abandon his clandestine super hero persona and move with his wife and daughter to her hometown in rural North Carolina, he struggles to reinvent himself and control his desire to protect, ultimately losing track of what he’s protecting them from.

Short Films

Good For You

LOGLINE: In an attempt to recover from a recent break-up, CHARLIE STEVENS is brought for a weekend getaway where he meets someone who might have exactly what he needs.

Retail Therapy

LOGLINE: Three couples converge on a boutique clothing store for a day of shopping and discover that ill-fitting jeans might only be the beginning of their problems.

The Gaze (Working Title)

LOGLINE: After being told that his expectations for sexual relationships are unrealistic, BRANDON CARTER taps into inner desires that might cause more problems than he’s ready for.

You’re On in Five

LOGLINE: WALLACE COLE’s music dreams are tested as he spends the night criss-crossing New York City, playing gigs in various venues to try to earn some money and make a career.